Bespoke Care Packages

We will work with all our clients and their families to create a care package that will be culturally sensitive, and staffed by Support Workers that match theirs needs at various stages of their rehabilitation.

Regular Monitoring

Our clients have a Field Supervisor that visits them regularly to check our clients' satisfaction and to address anything they wish to discuss.

Senior Management & Family Meetings

The AICS Group realise at heart the Client and Family are the centre of the care and rehabilitation, and our Senior Management will initiate an introductory visit, and work with the family to ensure there is effective communication between families and The AICS Group.

24 hour On-call Support

A Service Manager and the on-call Administrator will back up the service to ensure 24/7 cover for our clients.

In-house Training

All of our Support Workers must complete our extensive induction to The AICS Group training programme before they can start work. Additional training provided regularly.

Support Worker/Client Match

Right from the start, clients have the opportunity to hand-pick staff who they feel they can work effectively with.

Rehabilitation Support

Focused on rehabilitation we provide complex packages that includes care and personal care and our clients will be assisted either by our experienced Support or Rehabilitation Workers.

In-House Nurse

We have an in-house Nurse to support medication administered at the clients' homes. Audits are carried out regularly by both the in-house Nurse and Field Supervisor.

Dedicated Package Manager

Dedicated Package Managers will continually oversee the package and keep in contact with our clients and their families. They will manage the rotas and supervise the hand-picked staff that are providing care & rehabilitation to our clients.

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