Acquired Brain Injury

The AICS Group provides services for Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) which include injuries through disease, accident, injury to the head, alcohol or drug misuse or oxygen deprivation. The AICS will work with referrers to implement Care Plans that support our clients with an ABI to live in their communities.

Traumatic Brain Injury

There are three levels of Traumatic Brain Injuries, mild, moderate, or severe. Depending on how much damage has occurred to the brain, The AICS Group offers rehabilitation support to regain practical living skills.

Complex Care

Some ABI and TBI cases requires further support known as Complex Care. This is a person-centred approach to address holistically our clients' needs. The AICS Group can offer support in medical, behavioural, physical, emotional, and social challenges that result in individualised Care Plans.

Spinal Injury

The AICS Group staff team can offer physical input to support and maximise recovery of clients with Spinal Cord issues. With clear plans in place and the use of support aids, rehabilitation and/or maintenance of muscle, bone strength can be enhanced.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy is the one of the most common motor disabilities of childhood. The AICS Group can support families living with this condition by providing support with consistent Medication Administration and therapies which may include Physical, Occupational, Music, Play, Behavioural, Speech and Language, Aqua and other individualised treatments.

Neurological Conditions

Commonly known as disorders that affect the brain such as Epilepsy or Neuromuscular disease. Examples of symptoms: paralysis, muscle weakness, poor coordination, loss of sensation, confusion, seizures, and pain. The AICS Group works in the community with clinical advice by training staff to assist with care and support to enhance independent living.

Paediatric Rehabilitation

The AICS Group support families with children to improve their quality of life following a major injury, medical procedure or illness which affects their day-to-day functioning. Paediatric Rehabilitation aims to maximise a child’s life by supporting education, activities at home, community access and where applicable peer support.

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